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Please allow two business days for completion from the time we receive the job. For best results we require all files submitted to be in PDF format which reduces the possibility of delays. Also, please allow more time for larger jobs and jobs requiring manual labor. Last minute, rush jobs and jobs requiring extra time for set up will be subject to a surcharge depending on our workload.

All areas must be completed before submitting.

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Also, please be specific as to the number of copies you need, the type of paper, sides printed (1 or 2), collating, staples, type of binding, folding, mailing distribution, etc. Incomplete instructions may add time and cost to the completion of work.

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You can upload to to 8 files. If you find you need to replace a file just click "Browse" again and navigate to the file.

There is an individual or combined file size limit of 20 megabytes total. Larger file submissions should be mentioned in the instructions and submitted by way of the p-drive or in person.

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