Business Cards

New or Updated cards:

New business card orders and changes to existing cards are $12.50 for setup (this does not include the printing see below).

Our new business card prices are now in effect.

The new pricing allows us to offer more competitive pricing.

Re-ordering existing cards:

Re-ordering of existing cards is $5.00 per 100 cards regardless of quantity with a 100 card minimum.

As a note: One business card-size box holds 400 cards.

Example 1: 100 new  business cards ordered are $12.50 setup + $5.00 for printing. They would cost $17.50.

Example 2: A business card re-order (with no changes) of 200 cards is $10.00.

2-Color Letterhead

This costs $75.00 for 500 sheets (one box), or $0.15 per sheet. No minimum order required.

#10 Strathmore Envelopes

$105.00 for 500 envelopes (one box), or $0.21 each. No minimum order required.