The following considerations will enable us to provide your printed work in a timely manner. Please consider them when ordering.

Copyrighted Material

Please do not ask us to reproduce copyrighted materials without written consent from the copyright holder: this is illegal.  If you cannot obtain permission personally, contact the College Store for assistance with obtaining permission.

Completion Time

We request a two business day turnaround time to allow us to complete your job. Also, the campus post office asks for a similar two-day turnaround time to insert items into the student mailboxes. If you are bulk-sending items to the students, assume a four-day total lead time.

Electronic Submission

We accept artwork for printing in many electronic formats but we prefer Adobe PDF format files. We prefer PDFs because of their flexibility, functionality, and rendering steadiness.

We are PC-based only. Any submissions must be in a compatible format. The files may be emailed, transferred on the College network’s P Drive, or from various portable media.

Avoiding Delays

Fill out the work slip as completely as possible. Please include contact information, account numbers, detailed instructions, and printed material disposition (the person to call or send completed materials to, etc.).


Proofread your work. Look especially for typos, day and date mismatches, and omissions. We do not provide a proofreading service but will inform you of any errors if we discover them. We will provide a sample or proof if requested.

Provide supporting information or supplies

Provide us with any supporting items such as a completed work request, an electronic submission, a mail list for bulk mailing, related artwork, and required supplies (envelopes, pre-printed letterhead, etc.).